#meetthelostandfound – Tuomas



Location: Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

What is your name? Tuomas

How old are you? 27

Where were you born? Finland, Nokia

Where is home? Finland doesn’t feel like home, it hasn’t for at least 5 years

What is your religion? None

What made you come to this country? Because of the jungle.  Surf of course and jungle fever.

What is your impression so far of this place? Maybe 4/10 or 3/10 that’s all I can say…tuk tuk drivers, the gay tuk tuk mafia

What have you learned from this trip? Ummm….How to do nothing for a long long time

What do you miss most about home?  Nothing (referring to Finland) that’s for sure…My grandma, but she died 4 months ago so nothing. The New Zealand summer

Would you describe yourself as lost or found? (Laughs) 60% found 40% lost.  But it’s up to the day…maybe more found – 70% found 30% lost.

Learn more about #meetthelostandfound here

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